【Lay’s 乐事】薯片/大波浪薯片/原切香芋片


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产品名称:【乐事】薯片-美国经典原味/墨西哥鸡汁番茄味, 大波浪薯片-香脆烤鸡翅味/真浓番茄味,原切香芋片-海盐黑椒味
薯片-美国经典原味 70克,21/11/2024
薯片-墨西哥鸡汁番茄味 70克
大波浪薯片-香脆烤鸡翅味 70克,29/12/2024
大波浪薯片-真浓番茄味 70克,
原切香芋片-海盐黑椒味 60克,26/10/2024

Product Name: [Lay’s] Potato Chips-American Classic/Mexican Chicken Tomato, Wavy Potato Chips-Roasted Chicken Wing/Pure Tomato, Raw Cut Taro Slices-Sea Salt Black Pepper Flavor
How to eat: Ready to eat
Production Date: See the label on the packaging (Production date is updated consistently, they are fresh date, you can buy with confidence)
Shelf life: 9 months
Potato Chips-American Classic 70G, 21/11/2024
Potato Chips-Mexican Chicken Tomato 70G
Wavy Potato Chips -Roasted Chicken Wing 70G, 29/12/2024
Wavy Potato Chips -Pure Tomato 70G,
Raw Cut Taro Slices-Sea Salt Black Pepper Flavor 60G, 26/10/2024
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Last Update: 08/05/2024

【Lay's 乐事】薯片/大波浪薯片

【Lay's 乐事】薯片/大波浪薯片

【Lay's 乐事】薯片/大波浪薯片

【Lay's 乐事】薯片/大波浪薯片 70G

【Lay's 乐事】薯片/大波浪薯片/原切香芋片

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口味 Flavor

美国经典原味薯片, 墨西哥鸡汁番茄味薯片, 香脆烤鸡翅味大波浪薯片, 真浓番茄味大波浪薯片, 原切香芋片-海盐黑椒味


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